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About us in English.

Welcome to N:a Masters! Our restaurant is influenced by the old time romantic Country & western style!

We serve grilled, smoked & eco-friendly food. Inspired by tastes from the north americas' "deep South"

as well as tastes from the mediterranean kitchen. We smoke our meat, veggies and seafood ourselves.

certain summer evenings we have really cool and brilliant live musicians on stage.

these days we charge a small fee, around 100SEK/per person,

depending on the artist.

on the 28 of July 2023 we will have a country festival with great artists

that we will charge 695 SEK for the whole day. You'll find out more about

the musicians in the menu under: Country festival

Check out our galleri

Dogs ARE WELCOME Both indoor and outdoor.

IF YOU travel with a RV and dine in our place we have a special vip

parking permission for you, talk to our head waitress at arrival.

For larger event- or wedding requests please send an e-mail to

GABBE@NYAMASTERS.SE or call+46 (0) 703638205

or make your table reservation here below.

We open again...

We are currently closed because we are preparing for the summer.

we open up for lunches on the 3rd of june, only on saturdays & sundays,

but From FIRST of July we will be open everyday all summer from 12 at noon to late.

Make your table reservation here for your Event :

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Our address:

HERE is our adress for your gps:

N:A MASTERS GRILL, Lummelundsbruk 503

621 71 Visby

we are situated just 13 kilometers north of visby,

along the coast-side (sunset-side).

take road 149 north. take off at LUMMELUNDA GROTTAN,

wHO is our neighbour

We look forward seeing you this summer!